eJustice has the quickest ROI to boost the economy

Efficient, transparent, and citizen-friendly delivery of Rule of Law

Fundamental acceleration in the operations of the entire judicial system and integration with outside stakeholders.

Improved state reputation – foundation of “Ease of Doing Business” rating of the nation

Key opportunity to increase the international ranking of the entire country, as efficiency of judicial system counts for over 50% of the “Ease of Doing Business” evaluation criteria.

Increased attractiveness for foreign investments by offering trusted public services

Higher state reputation and increased confidence in the judicial sector can lead to significant foreign investments and entrepreneurial rejuvenation within the country.

Creation of new jobs

With new investments in the country come new jobs, increased tax base and GDP growth.

Read more about eJustice
Read more about eJustice

During the past decade, E-justice gained a significant footprint across developed regions. Nowadays, this service is actively adopted by governments from all continents as a key part of legal infrastructure.

E-justice becomes an essential part of today’s judiciary as it is significantly improving access to justice and increasing society’s and private sector’s trust in the local rule of law and workflow of legal institutions.

E-Justice investment has the highest ROI (Return on Investment) indicator in terms of improving an administration of justice and enhancing the role of law across public and private sectors

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