Sulaymaniyah Region Court

Project Description

Based on the tender published by Slemani Governorate in Kurdistan, Iraq, Net Group Ltd as subcontractor to Aktors carried out digitalization of court case management and related court processes.

The goal of the project was to develop and implement a court information system that would allow electronic administration of the work of the court.

System is used by all levels of court in Sulaymaniyah Governorate. Users of the system can manage judge schedules, register different documents, export court rulings, etc. This solution is intended to support all of the processes carried out in the courts.

The Customer received following outcomes and value from the project:

  1. Reduction in proceedings time and administrative tasks;
  2. Reduction in case submission processes up to 5 times;
  3. Faster and more precise allocation of cases to judges;
  4. Reduced risk of archive destruction due to physical elements;
  5. A more secure work environment in the judicial expediency;

These benefits were received through carrying out following activities/services:

  1. Gap analysis of existing procedures and systems (digital and non-digital) within the courts;
  2. Design of TO-BE processes for the courts;
  3. Detailed analysis of digital platform to support court proceedings and case management;
  4. Development of court information system;
  5. Piloting of the system in civil courts;
  6. Piloting of the system in criminal and other courts (appeal, assize, labour, family, etc.);
  7. Training of users and system administrators;
  8. On-going support and additional developments to the system.

Project Details

  • Client: Governorate of Sulaymaniyah of Kurdistan Autonomous Region Iraq
  • Tasks: Analyse, Consultation, Software solution delivery, Project Management
  • Website:
  • Project Management: 2014 – 2016