Ministry of Justice and its Center of Registers

Project Description

Together with Estonian Ministry of Justice, Net Group delivered a fully-digital Court Information System and Enforcement Information System. The goal of the project was to develop and implement a court information system that would allow electronic administration of the work of the court. System is used by all levels of court in Estonia. Users of the system can manage judge schedules, register different documents, export court rulings, etc. This solution supports all of the major processes carried out in the courts and also bailiff activities.

The following is a list of outcomes and value gained as a result of the project:

  1. Estonia has one of the most effective justice systems in the European Union (and in the world);
  2. Substantial reduction in time spent on administrative tasks;
  3. Optimized workload for judges and lessened stress;
  4. Reduction in cost for paper archives and information exchange between counterparties;
  5. Reduced risk of physical archive destruction or intentional malpractice;
  6. More detailed near-live statistics and better-informed decisions shaping the judiciary;
  7. High accountability and professionalism by office bearers from clerks to judges;
  8. High transparency due to traceability of activities performed within the digital ecosystem by anyone at all levels as activity logs exist and audit is made simple with a click of a button;
  9. Higher security of information, case data; only those with necessary privileges can access case data, evidence etc. and the system keeps a digital track of who accessed what at what time and did what to the existing data;

During project implementation the following activities were carried out in phases:

  1. Feasibility study and gap analysis of existing procedures in the courts and legislation;
  2. Re-design of processes and introduction of relevant legislative amendments;
  3. Detailed analysis of AS-IS and TO-BE processes in courts;
  4. Development of the court information system;
  5. Piloting of the court information system in selected courts (civil and misdemeanor);

Digital Justice Reference Projects:

  1. Expansion of court information system to following courts (criminal, appeal and supreme);
  2. Detailed analysis of AS-IS and TO-BE processes regarding enforcement procedures;
  3. Development of digital platform to support enforcement procedures;
  4. Training of users and business administrators of the system.

Project Details

  • Client: Centre of Registers of Estonian Ministry of Justice
  • Tasks: Analyse, Architecture, Development, Implementation
  • Website: