Most Modern CIS Solution

eJustice Portal for Citizens and Lawyers


All-inclusive case management – Police, Prosecution, Courts and Prisons

Connecting all internal and external stakeholders to provide 360-degree view on the case progress and pertinent information needed for all.

Open access to all stakeholders through public portal

Securely controlled information exchange with both internal users and external (claimants, defendants, lawyers, outside experts) participants.

The internal users determine what information and documents the external users can access in each case.

All proceedings – Civil, Criminal, Military and Institutional case management

Modern technology to automate all types and levels of proceedings.

Fully automated and flexible workflow

All processes are fully automated, manual steps integrated only when required by legislation or operational necessities.

Processes can be easily reconfigured to comply with changing requirements.

Transparency, accountability, security and confidentiality

Every activity leaves a mark and can be traced back to its originator, therefore bringing unparalleled accountability, security and confidentiality to the organization.

System is developed based on Estonian ISKE and German BSI security standards (

Access to systems is possible by all or any of the standard authentication methods including password/login, multiple-factor, existing AD solutions and digital IDs (ID cards, Mobile ID, Smart ID-s).

Rigorous user-rights management

Confidence that any user can see only information that they are entitled to see and fulfil tasks that they are authorized to do.

Cooperation, process automation and cost efficiency

Open system to improve cooperation and automation of processes with all stakeholder systems.

Why Should You Consider Courtal?

Best Practices and Turnkey Solutions

Here at Courtal, we analysed dozens of Judiciaries with the main purpose to improve legislation, workflow processes and technology behind it.

No web access, no communication between systems, bad data quality and multiple data entry, lack or absence of automation, overwhelming bureaucracy – all these are well-known issues to our team. The good news is that we know how to fight it and change legacy processes to modern and efficient best practices.

Courtal’s team of experts can provide part or full-scale turnkey solution for any judiciary. Consequently, the spectrum of our services starts from existing processes analysis followed by change recommendations and ends with implementing a unique turnkey solution according to world best practices tailored to specific jurisdiction and organization needs.