Courtal - Your Digital Success Story

CourtalĀ® is a digital court information system, that is developed by Estonian software company Net Group, which has more than 20 years of experience in software development.

Net Group has been a key partner in the creation and implementation of multiple e-Justice platforms in countries as varied as Estonia, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Tanzania and other countries.

More than 100 skilled software and Justice industry experts are here to help you with your goals to improve your business.

Our Approach - Key Steps for Success


Legal environment, Once-Only Principle, digital security and agreements, interoperability

Full understanding and adaptation of the environment that the judiciary operates in, advice on upgrading the standards of operation and secure openness to outside parties.


Strategy, capacity building for change management, process re-engineering and digitalization.

Confidence that the organization is ready for the change, people are trained, motivated and capable of being the champions of change. Optimization of processes for digital today and readiness for advancements in the future.

Change management

Right technology, implementation, mentoring, training and knowledge transfer, retrospectives and continuous learning

Choosing the right solutions and implementing them efficiently and correctly. Assurance that externa experiences and internal learnings are fully captured and utilized for long-term successful operations of judiciary services.

Our approach is based on generating values for customers and following our promises. Our work and quality management are in line with the World Bank and ISO 9001:2015 standards.

We understand our customers’ business and leverage on our experts and best practices to help you define and implement the solution you need. We design a concrete target vision for your Judiciary and guide you through the process of implementation.

Our Expertise

Our team consists of judiciary and change-management consultants, E-government experts, project managers, developers and many other bright members.

We support you in: consulting: existing workflow analysis and change management, preparing a feasibility study and other supporting documentation.

  • Processes re-engineering, developing digitalization vision and transformation strategy
  • Developing and implementing IT solutions that your organization needs
  • Training and knowledge transfer