Why eJustice?

Efficient, transparent, and citizen-friendly delivery of Rule of Law which increases foreign investments.

Estonian Experience

Estonian modern legal systems have made Estonian court one of the top effective in Europe enabling 32% quicker proceeding processes than average in Europe.

Our Approach

Turnkey solution for policy, organization & the whole change management with implementation and continuous support.

Most Modern Solution

All-inclusive case management for police, prosecution, courts and prisons with fully automated & AI-powered engine.


“We are satisfied with the project progress, Courtal has proven to have a high level of expertise in contemporary e-Justice services, project delivery and is effective in communication with all stakeholders.”

Kalege J. Enock

Director of ICT, Judiciary of Tanzania

“I’ve seen dozens of court information systems in my work and Courtal is without a doubt the most modern, efficient and flexible solution.”

Timo Ligi

Project Manager of the Estonian Court Information System

Our References

About Us

Courtal® is a digital court information system, that is developed by Estonian software company Net Group, which has more than 20 years of experience in software development.

Net Group has been a key partner in the creation and implementation of multiple e-Justice platforms in countries as varied as Estonia, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Tanzania and other countries.

More than 100 skilled software and Justice industry experts are here to help you with your goals to improve your business.